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<Greetings from the chair>

Yuki Tsutsui, the chairman, has a motto of "serious and unserious" through the comprehensive art of theater.
It was established in 2019 so that both the performers and the viewers can enjoy their lives abundantly.

The name "Tokyo-za" means that not only is the base of activities in Tokyo, but the members of the theater company who have gathered in search of something from the region meet in this city to form a theater company. It also has the meaning that it may represent the city itself of "Tokyo".

Because we were raised in this era when it is said that the connection between people is weakened, even if the era name changes from Heisei to Reiwa, the theater will not change and will deliver warmth to people's hearts. We work hard every day with the aim of becoming an actor who believes in things and can express the importance of communicating from the bottom of our hearts.

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